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got a new tablet. just playing around tbh

Samus Aran bounty hunter queen of everything

Man idek here’s some other sketches and cass :>

chara designs based on some middle school sketches. Brings me back….

ok hello here is my headcanon Cecil 

i don’t have any feasible way to color these so sorry :(((((( headcanon: his third eye is the night vale eye (pink/magenta) and never looks in the same direction as he’s looking with his other eyes

extra headcanon: when he’s actually using his third eye intentionally, his other eyes become filled with static and he emits very soothing white noise. otherwise the eye is just kind of always looking somewhere else and he’s just passively receiving the information???? 


edit: one more headcanon. he listens to the weather pretty closely before broadcasting it. he sometimes listens to old weather forecasts too.

And last but not least, spies.

And last but not least, spies.

How do you draw men

Another oc for the short comic with the fancy shmancy outfits posted previously…….. My idea was that she had this floating ring that spouted wings called an angel and it had some sort of use?? Like magic casting maybe??? But then when she wears the ring on her head the wings spout from her back instead. ????????

Elsen uvu

brace yourselves the drawing dump cometh